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The widespread application of rotational molding products

Release Time:2021-09-22 02:53:40

Application scope of rotational molding products

1. Rotational plastic container

Widely used for water storage tanks, storage tanks for various liquid chemicals (such as acids, alkalis, salts, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.), gasoline containers (gasoline tanks and fuel tanks for automobiles and aircraft), roll molded fuel tanks, battery shells, etc.

2. Automotive rotational molding parts

Mainly used for polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride paste resins, and rolled into various pipe fittings, such as air conditioning elbows, backrests, and armrests, widely used in automotive parts.

3. Sports equipment and various substitutes

There are various parts made of rotational molded PVC paste, such as water balloons, floating balls, bicycle seat cushions, and shock absorbers between ships and docks.

4. Toys, models, handicrafts, etc

Rotary molds can be manufactured through precision casting, electroforming, and other processes; The surface of the rotational molding part has a good "copy" effect on the Fine structure of the cavity surface, so the rotational molding method can make the product quite exquisite and beautiful, so it is often used to produce products with high decorative value, especially toys, models, handicrafts, etc.

5. Various boxes, shells, and large pipes

Such as turnover box, garbage can, machine shell, protective cover, lampshade, bathroom, toilet, Telephone booth, yacht, etc. Rotational molding products have been widely used in the storage and transportation of liquid chemicals, chemical companies, industrial coatings, washing tanks, and reaction tanks for the production of rare earths. They have also been widely used in river and marine buoys, as well as domestic water tanks.

It can be seen that rotational molding products have been widely used in various industries nowadays.


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