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What are the applicable ranges of rotational molding processing?

Release Time:2023-09-28 11:07:42

Although the rotational molding process has a history of several decades, there are still some people who are not very familiar with the processing of rotational molding products. They have overlooked some areas that should be noted and cannot fully utilize the full performance of rotational molding products. Today, I will discuss and discuss the applicability of rotational molding products processing with you again, hoping to be helpful to everyone. Rotational molding easily changes the color of rotational molded products.

Rolling mill

Rotational molding directly adds materials to the mold each time, which allows all materials to enter the product. After being removed from the mold, the materials required for the next molding are added. Therefore, when we need to change the color of the product, we do not waste any raw materials, nor do we need to spend time cleaning the machine and mold. When we use multiple molds to roll shape the same plastic product, we can also add different colored materials to different molds and roll shape different colored plastic products.

Suitable for forming hollow parts of various complex shapes. During the rotational molding process, the material is gradually coated and deposited onto the inner surface of the mold, and the product has a strong ability to replicate the fine structures such as patterns on the mold cavity; Meanwhile, due to the fact that the mold is not subjected to external pressure during the molding process, precision casting and other methods can be directly used to produce molds with fine structures and complex shapes.

Save raw materials. The wall thickness of rotational molded products is relatively uniform and the chamfer is slightly thicker, so it can fully utilize the material's efficiency and is conducive to saving raw materials; In addition, during the rotational molding process, there are no waste materials such as runners and gates. Once debugged, there is almost no furnace material returned during the production process, so the rotational molding process has a very high utilization rate of materials.


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