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What are the products that rotary molding equipment can produce?

Release Time:2019-10-16 11:30:31
  Hello everyone! We are a manufacturer of rotary molding equipment. After years of experience, we have summarized that the products that can be produced by rotary molding machines are classified as follows.

Products that can be produced by rotational molding:

1. Military category: military medical supplies such as military boxes, transport boxes, insulation boxes, instrument panels, medical boxes, stretchers, etc;

2. Automotive category: automotive fuel tanks, automotive bases, automotive shells, trunk, agricultural vehicle roofs, automotive mudguards, various locomotive fuel tanks and other supplies

3. Cleaning category: washing vehicles, cleaning machines, bathtubs, polishing machines, blowers, etc

4. Inner lining category: solar energy inner lining, steel pipe inner lining, etc

5. Transportation facilities: road isolation boards, roadblocks, water horses, collision buckets, etc

6. Container category: water tanks, buckets, various square, irregular containers, etc

7. Public environment: leisure chairs, environmental bins, garbage cans, dustbins, Telephone booth, public toilets, billboards, display cabinets, etc

8. Toys: Children's facility products

9. Water use categories: water platforms, kayaks, pedals, buoyancy tanks, etc

The above is an introduction to the manufacturers of rotational molding equipment. If you are interested in all of our products, please feel free to contact us by phone.


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